Make Sure Your Spa Is Safe To Use

Make Sure Your Spa Is Safe To Use

Stock up on hot tub chemicals in Burley, ID

Like pools, hot tubs can grow all kinds of bacteria and algae. Don't let your spa end up making you sick. Get the hot tub chemicals you need to clean your spa from Wildboyz Hot Tubs & Supplies.

You can visit our store in Burley, ID to buy the chemicals you need directly or have them delivered straight to your home. If you're not sure what chemicals to use, our hot tub technicians can help. We'll recommend options to keep your water safe or help clear up any problem you might have.

Browse our selection of hot tub chemicals today.

We sell chemicals for every need

Different chemicals have different purposes. If you're filling your tub for the first time, we offer sanitizers that will help you maintain proper hot tub water balance. If your tub is starting to grow algae or turn cloudy, we offer hot tub shock and clarifier that can clean out the infestation and leave your water crystal clear.

Learn more about hot tub chemicals when you contact us at 208-678-2433.